Release 1.1 Installed

On 08. Mar 2017, 10:16:21 by sunchaser

Release 1.1 of game Space Warlords has just been released and include following contents:

Toplists voting
Vote for the game on Toplist in order to get more player and receive Metal, Deuterium or Crystals

Overview Page
Overview page layout has been enhanced

Empire Page
Overview page layout has been enhanced
Check complete Release Notes here:…/Release1.1-Public_en_US.docx…
Our plan is to improve the layout of all the game, starting from the most used pages and functionalities, but If you have any suggestion or want to meet us you can post it in our official Telegram Chat:

Beta launch

On 20. Sep 2016, 16:03:55 by elcid

Now you can explore the unknown galaxies of Space Warlords, in the Universe: Beta!

In this universe, currently in Beta stage, besides possessing leadership skills, a good eye for observation is fundamental to identify any bugs! Do not miss this opportunity to show what you're made of:

Planned Resourced Production:

Create a crisis-proof infrastructure, that nothing and nobody can destroy;
An invincible fleet that will become the enemy to be feared even in the most distant galaxies;
Farsighted research: Gain a technological advantage and build your first Terraformer!;
Daring expeditions: do not be bothered with the perils and explore new areas of the universe.

The Beta universe will have the following configuration:

Game Speed: 4x
Fleet Speed: 4x
Speed ​​Production Resources: 4x
Energy Production Speed: 4x
Energy Factor: 4x
Duration: 90 days

The winner will be the one who at the end of the server time will have more points and/or will have discovered more bugs!

The prizes consist of dark matter that will be assigned to the winners on the launch of the new Universe Virgo at the end of the beta stage.

Game Ranking:

1st classified: 130,000 Dark Matter
2nd classified: 110,000 Dark Matter
3rd classified: 90,000 Dark Matter

Bug Finders Ranking:

1st classified: 150,000 Dark Matter
2nd classified: 120,000 Dark Matter
3rd classified: 100,000 Dark Matter

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Rules to open bugs:

The bugs are to be opened on this leaflet :

English is the language to be used. The bug will be accepted when the Admin changes Request state to Accepted.

Test Session has been started

On 03. Sep 2016, 11:49:17 by sunchaser

Dear players, the Beta test session is started. Create your char and start your game. Because this project is forked from the 2Moon project, please open issues by

a. creating a login in Github
b. click Issues