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  • Light Cargo

Light cargo ships are very agile ships used to transport resources from one planet to another. Useful for farming. Switches to Impulse Drive at level 5, doubling its speed.

  • Heavy Cargo

The heavy cargo ship is an advanced version of the light cargo ship allowing for a bigger cargo space, which is very useful during raids. Used for large farming and carrying large amounts of resources. Gets slower than the Light Cargo Ship after Impulse Drive 5 is attained.

  • Light Fighter

The light fighter is a maneuverable ship you can find on nearly every planet. The costs are not particularly high and its shield power and cargo capacity are very low. Used for moonshots in most universes.

  • Heavy Fighter

The heavy fighter is a straight evolution of the light fighter offering increased shielding and firing power.

  • Cruiser

Combat cruisers have armor almost three times as strong as heavy fighters and support more than twice their firing power. Their traveling speed is also amongst the fastest seen.

  • Battleship

Battleships provide the backbone of any military fleet. Heavy armour, strong weapons systems and high cruising speed, as well as a large cargo bay, make this ship a tough opponent to fight against.

  • Colony Ship

This ship provides the means necessary to go where no man has gone before and to colonize new worlds.

  • Recycler

Recycler ships are used to harvest floating debris in space to recycle valuable resources.

  • Spy Probe

Spy probes are small unmanned drones with exceptionally fast propulsion systems used to spy on foreign worlds.

  • Planet Bomber

The bomber is a special purpose spacecraft developed to break through heavy planetary defense.

  • Solar Satellite

Solar satellites are simple orbiting satellites equipped with photo voltaic cells as a means of generating energy. The energy is transmitted to the planet via a special laser beam.

  • Star Fighter

The Star Fighter is the heaviest spaceship ever seen and has unprecedented firepower.

  • Battle Fortress

There is nothing as big and dangerous as an approaching Battle Fortress.

  • Battle Cruiser

This ship is deadly when it comes to destroying fleets. With its improved laser cannons, it holds a privileged position among the heavy ships, capable of taking down several of them in no time.

  • Black Moon

The successor of the popular death star, faster but not as strong.

  • Battle Transporter

Is a development of the large cargo, it has more carry capacity and flies faster with the right techonology.

  • Avatar

The absolute worst case scenario, albeit very slowly.

  • Battle Recycler

Is a huge cargo space and new engines, enable it to fly faster and gather more in debris fields .

  • Dark Matter Collector

After long years of research dark matter is now collectable from the moon.