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Resource Collection

This Guide will sometimes make you drop below 0 energy, but that is only because there is an increase in production or if the overall loss is too little to counter the effect of extra resources.

The notes will give indications of the energy and additional information. You also might want to switch point 12 and 13, but that depends on how many resources you have at the moment and wether you will be away for a while or not. If you do go away for a while, I suggest you switch them, otherwise stick to the guide.

When colonizing feel free to follow this guide again. However, send twice your home planet's hourly production of Metal and Crystal along.

Point 37: be aware of the note.

Step Building/Tech Building Tech Level notes
1 Solar Plant 1
2 Metal mine 1
3 Metal mine 2
4 Solar Plant 2
5 Metal mine 3 +8 Energy
6 Metal Mine 4 - 11 Energy but improvement in production
7 Solar Plant 3
8 Crystal Mine 1 +9 energy. Do not upgrade. Stick to the guide
9 Solar Plant 4
10 Metal Mine 5
11 Crystal Mine 2 +11 energy
12 Crystal Mine 3 -4 energy but do upgrade because improvement in production. Metal prod decreases with 9 metal/h no biggy
13 Solar Plant 5 Make sure to build this as soon as you can to reduce unnecessary production loss
14 Deuterium Synthesizer 1 Energy +18
15 Crystal Mine 4 Energy -1 Upgrade in production so build it.
16 Solar Plant 6
17 Metal Mine 6
18 Metal Mine 7 -6 but improvement (produce at 97%)
19 Solar Plant 7
20 Crystal Mine 5
21 Deuterium Synthesizer 2
22 Solar Plant 8
23 Deuterium Synthesizer 3
24 Deuterium Synthesizer 4
25 Solar Plant 9
26 Deuterium Synthesizer 5
27 Robotics Factory 1 Robo 1 is the first building that costs deuterium. Continue with the list in the given order as much as you can. If you dont have deuterium left, then just continue with non deuterium costing buildings.
28 Robotics Factory 2
29 Research Lab 1
30 Shipyard 1
31 Crystal Mine 6
32 Shipyard 2
33 Solar Plant 10
34 Deuterium Synthesizer 6
35 Metal Mine 8
36 Energy Research 1
37 Combustion Drive 1 If you have enough resources
38 Solar Plant 11 Whenever you can research combustion drive 2, research it.
39 Crystal Mine 7 Whenever you can build Shipyard 3, build it
40 Metal Mine 9

From this point on its most important to build small cargo ships to raid inactives for more resources. You should research the requirements for espionage drones for information about where to strike best. I suggest to upgrade your mines steadily by using the following level differences:

Level of metal mine is 2 higher than crystal mine. For every 2 levels of crystal mines you build 1 deut mine.

You should have 17 metal 15 crystal and 10 deut by the time you reach those numbers.

However this is a very personal choice and once you started raiding there is no ‘real’ best way to develop your mines and researches. It is all up to you

After this

You should keep building up mines to get more resources and research new tech according to how you want to play from then on. If you like attacking people, focus on getting espionage probes as soon as possible, so you can see planet defences. You can see what tech you need under the technology screen.

You could now research laser tech for better defences after upgrading Energy Technology 2, or you could focus on impulse drive for heavy fighter, colony ships, and cruisers (in that order). Regardless what you choose, you should research armour tech, weapons tech, and shield tech: these help build your defences, and their benefits apply to other colonies too. You could also try to improve your combustion engine tech for faster small cargo so you raid faster and will have access to recyclers and large cargo ships at level 6. Bear in mind that you could also focus on getting impulse tech 5 instead, giving your small cargo a massive speed boost (they become as fast as heavy fighters), but consume more deut per 1k resources than large cargo ships.

Bear in mind that you will have to research Astrophysics in order to colonize a new planet. See colonization.